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 Tartan Ribbon

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tartan ribbon questions


tartan ribbon questions

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tartan ribbon questions

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Colors in primary order: Green, Blue, Red, White, Black









Actual Size


7 mm $1.15 $25.30
3/8" 10 mm $1.25 $27.50
5/8" 16 mm $1.45 $31.90
1" 25 mm $1.65 $36.30
1 1/2" 38 mm $1.95 $42.90

1 1/2"

wire edge

38 mm $2.25 $49.50


75 mm Not Produced

The Tartan Ribbon Company tartan ribbon is taffeta quality, woven polyester with finished edges.  It is imported from Scotland, manufactured by members of the Scottish Tartan Society, and approved by the Scottish Tartan Authority.


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We also offer a convenient tartan ribbon color comparison chart to assist you if

 looking for particular colors.



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